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A Narrated Video is a No Frills or Lore Bible narrated, put to music, and made into a video with artwork, text, and other visual effects.

Arix Ordragc video thumbnailTo make a Narrated Video, first I complete a No Frills or Lore Bible, and then bill you for an upgrade based on its word count.

Narrated Videos look their best when they include artwork, so with your permission I will approach any artists you have commissioned for art of your character, species, or setting in the past, and request their permission to use their art in the video - with a credit to the artist.

In my experience, most characters are adults and little or no art exists of them as children. Art of species beyond reference sheets, and worldbuilding settings beyond maps also tend to be rare, so I recommend for extra art to be made in order to represent the subject of the video at all ages or from all perspectives. An Artist Find can be great for this.

You may choose what colour/s you want as the theme for your video, but if you prefer, I can decide.