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What is a No Frills?


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A No Frills is a written character profile.

Sheuv-Kishan analysis iconThe process works like this: I ask you to complete a questionnaire on behalf of your character, and send it back to me once you're done. Then I write as much of your character's backstory as I can in a profile, including any questions and thoughts I have that will help us both get more insight into your character. The main value of a No Frills is generally in the process of writing the No Frills.

I take a 'social worker' style approach by paying attention to details such as your character's parents' backstories, the culture your character grew up in, relationships with any siblings, and anything else relevant to their development. No Frills commissions can take around 4 months to complete, take an average of 9 drafts, and usually end up around 6,500 words long.

If you would like to see all the drafts of a No Frills commission from start to finish, this blog post captures one.