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I'm in two minds about whether to call this page "about me" or "about us". For now there's mostly only one person working at The Character Consultancy, and that's me, Hayley. My partner Mike has been working behind the scenes for some time but he's never wanted a detailed description of himself here. I'll keep my mention of him here limited.


What can I say? I'm 40-something, introverted yet confident, and a late-morning person. I don't own any pets but if I could, I'd have a couple of herding dogs. I have a mean sweet tooth, and I love being active: hula-hooping, hiking, SUP, archery, and cultural weekend holidays.

Professionally, I'm a qualified therapeutic counsellor specialising in Transactional Analysis, which focuses on how people develop their personalities and interact with others. A few years ago I reached a point in my training where I needed to start attending mentorship, doing exam preparation, and offering therapy during mainstream working hours. I'd mostly worked as an administrator until then, but no employer would accept my efforts to negotiate for fewer working hours or make up for missed time by working on Saturdays or after-hours. Eventually I gave up trying to find an employer who would work with me and decided to start a business so I could finish my diploma and work the available hours I had around my diploma commitments.

To that end, I founded The Character Consultancy in September 2018. I started out by offering my No Frills character development service to burlesque and drag artistes as a way to explore their stage personas and to help them find inspiration for their on-stage performances. However, it was in the sci-fi and fantasy communities that I got my strongest start.

Now that I'm qualified and half of my focus goes towards running my practice, I intend to build a team of TCC workers to keep it going from strength to strength!

~ Hayley


Mike is a valuable member of the team. He's also running a sister business, Mike's Maps, and has his own About Me page. I'll leave it to him to reveal as much as he wants to about himself over there.