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The Also-Rans, TTRPG

Group-analysis of 5 characters

"I was really impressed how you took a small set of character biographies and drilled down into their deeper selves from a mere 2-3 paragraphs of each one. The real gem was the exploration of where the characters would interact with one another, given their psychology and motivators; by treating the characters as if they were real people, it was amazing to see in what facets they'd overlap the best and which ones would earn a cold shoulder. Especially when writing with multiple characters, it's easy to fall into the trap of each character being windowdressing for the main protagonist -- but not when they're given such an in-depth analysis and cross referencing. You've created for me a deeper reference material for me to go back to time and time again!"

Title image biflspud (Discord URL: Biflspud#9088) - Hobbyist TTRPG maker

Link coming soon

Shadow and Ash


"Your services are unique, genuine, quality, and honestly most if not everyone who builds creatively could use aid like this!"

Title image Amie Crowsong - Published author

Shadow Stalker Infographic

Kameilo; Jeiokha

2 x Narrated Videos (both Character No Frills)

"Hayley does a fantastic job of describing fictional character's personalities from a psychological perspective, how they develop, what drives their motives and ambitions, etc, utilizing her expertise in psychology and referencing her sources in her studies. She focuses less on what characters look like and pays attention to the very important element of who they are inside. It's real neat!

If you're serious about your fictional characters and their stories and you'd like consultation on your fictional character's development and personality, she takes commissions for her very helpful and enlightening services."

Title image Dolphin Star - Animation Studio

Kameilo video | Jeiokha video

Agrisa Terasama / "Crimson"

Character No Frills

"I can say that this [No Frills] has helped me with writing the character. The layout and the ideas embedded here help me think of how she will react when she is given a situation and I feel that the reaction is more organic and in keeping with the character. I love how you have taken the ideas with which I have given you, and helped me solidify the character. I will definitely be talking to you again when this book is completed and I start on the second in the series. If not before then in regards to a few of the other main characters, such as Sable and Thurginn.

Once again, thanks!"

Title image Kiltedfiend Studios - TTRPG resource maker

Finished No Frills

Tau Switchblade


"I requested a reference sheet from The Character Consultancy because it was something I had not seen offered before: an offer to analyze my character in various ways based on supplied questions. It's interesting to see Tau's life explained through the eyes of someone well-versed in character nuance!"

Title image tigertau - Second Life club owner

Finished Infographic

Bryaxis Foloi


"I am more giddy about this than I've been for any naughty pic I've gotten of him."

Title image Bryaxis - Hobbyist roleplayer

Infographic (coming soon)


Character Analysis (Character No Frills)

"Hey! I commissioned Hayley a while ago because I had some thorny characterization problems in some original fiction. I had a set of behaviors in mind and some tropes I wanted to incorporate, but I didn't have sophisticated thoughts on motivation. After we spoke for a while, I found some pretty fundamental contradictions in my original goals for the character, and over some consultations we fleshed out two mutually exclusive explanations that completely satisfied my original conditions. From this point I've been able to write quite a bit, and with Hayley's well-informed assistance I was able to move forward from imitation into using realistic psychology in my work."

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Work halted by client before completion

Story Commission

No Frills (used as a reference for a story commission)

"I was having trouble working on a commission for a client who wanted me to create a story within their own fictional world. Although they described their world in length I kept confusing small yet significant details that made writing very difficult but luckily the client shared an infographic that he had commissioned from Hayley some time ago and it quickly wiped all of my concerns and troubles away! Hayley writes in such smooth intriguing detail that the world or character that she is describing comes to life in your head and the information she covers is laid out in an interesting and well-organized way that makes finding specific details fun and easy. I would recommend Hayley to anyone looking to have their world or characters described in detail and will happily be commissioning herself in the near future."

Title image Gthedragon - Freelance writer

Karabela Arcana


"WOW it looks amazing! I'm honestly blown away by just how good this looks with the illustrations added in, it really makes the whole thing so much more eye-catching! Also your use of coloring for the font and background with the darker blue and lighter font makes it gentle on the eyes and comfortable to read. And having the white font for each section so that you can easily see the separation between each is really nice. I like your choice of artworks for each section as well! Gosh, you did such a great job with this. I'm really impressed! Seriously, thank you so much for taking this on and bringing her story to life even more [than when this was a No Frills profile]. It's just so cool to see because this character means a lot to me and having her story shown in such a nice way is amazing. I love it!!"

Title image Karabela - Hobbyist character creator

Infographic (Coming soon)

Bonnie Marie Barlow

Consultation (Real-Time No Frills)

"My experience with The Character Consultancy was very positive. They were very patient with me and very willing to work with me. The whole thing really helped me in finding more about my fursona, and developing her to be a fully formed being. Now, thanks to this service she feels a lot more solid and has a developed personality. Her story is very in depth and highlights a lot of highs and lows of her past and I couldn't be happier. I really want to do this for my other fursona at some point soon. I found the writing to be fantastic and the attention to detail to be exactly what I was hoping for. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone looking to truly develop their fursona!"

Title image BugBytes - Professional artist and fursuit maker

Finished No Frills

Kiroku / Bandit

Pre-No Frills Consultation

"TCC helped me bring bring my character to life! I have had one character I have been attached to for some time, and though I knew what he was like, TCC was able to make sense of and deepen my character's history, traits, and personality. Within a one hour consultation before the No Frills questionnaire, we collaboratively bolstered both the character and my confidence."

Title image kirokubandit - Hobbyist fantasy writer

Transcript | Finished No Frills

Tthe Ddoctor

Narrated Video (Character No Frills)

"I had a superb experience working with Hayley, from start to finish. The questionnaires were thought-provoking and encouraged me to think about my character in greater detail- even about subjects which I hadn't even begun to consider. She makes excellent write-ups that do a great job at analyzing a character and delving into their backstory, and has a good capacity for networking and video editing. Overall, commissioning her is something that anyone who's serious about character development would find valuable."

Title image WwhiteSshadow - Hobbyist sci-fi writer

Finished video

Charles Mirath

Character No Frills

"It's been a delight to yet again work with Hayley, her quick, friendly, and professional responses always help the experience. I always look forward to hearing from her, whether in a response to our commission or just in general.

The psychological reference sheets she offers have been a godsend for character development, and I've certainly noticed that she's helped me to fill in gaps I'd have otherwise missed. Even for a character I have little background information on, Hayley was helpful (and patient) enough to work with the little information I provided, and we built that up together.

Having recently recommended her to one of my friends, I'm more than happy with the service she offers, and I'm confident of being a returning commissioner."

Finished No Frills

Xan Travis

Consultation (Real-Time Character Creation)

"Working with Hayley once again has been a pleasure, and I'd be lying to say I didn't jump at the opportunity to work even closer in a 1-1 session. Being able to watch her work in real-time also allowed me to comment in anything whenever I thought of it. At only £12 for a one hour consultation, it truly is worth the time and effort, and Hayley is more than happy to accommodate any schedule. With an upbeat and friendly manner, going into a character's backstory and the (sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes daft) questions we have for each other certainly hasn't been a slow process - time flies when you're having fun!"

Title image Mirath - Hobbyist writer, character creator and RPer

Finished No Frills


Character No Frills

"I have a robot character which does bring about a few obstacles when attempting to analyze her past. Specifically her childhood. It's very difficult to develop a character that can be related to when it has no childhood or regular developmental stages. However, The Character Consultancy has done an outstanding job in helping me understand how to work through these issues as well as develop my character in a natural and professional manner."

Title image Bombay - Hobbyist character creator

Work halted by client before completion


Character No Frills (from scratch)

"I have to say that I was and am very pleased with this commission. Character Consultancy was very adept at working with me on fleshing out this character, and was extremely understanding and willing to work with my financial situation. If anyone who is reading this feels like they might want to commission them, I would highly recommend it."

Title image nikaro - Hobbyist character creator

Finished No Frills

Arix Ordragc

Infographic and Narrated Video

"After having Hayley recommended to me, I decided to give her service a try, for a bit of fun and to help develop my character a bit more deeply. I ended up learning things about the character even I didn't know! She does a great job developing characters while sticking to the essence of what you want out of them, giving them depth without remaking anything about them. No regrets!"

Title image ArixO - Hobbyist character creator

Finished Infographic | Finished video


Narrated Video

"The Character Consultancy was awesome, fun, and easy to work with. It was a pleasure to purchase a little video from her to bring my character known as Percival out in the open. I would commission her again!"

Title image Percival94 - Hobbyist character creator

Finished video


No Frills

"Thanks for doing all this. Before I started this I was not sure if getting a backstory done was an entirely sensible thing to do, but sensible will only take a person so far. As it turned out I have very much enjoyed the process and am pleased with the results so to use a horrible neologism it was totally worth it.

This was really fun to do, and was like slowly unwrapping a present to myself revealing layers of my character I had lost, forgotten, and didn't even know about and most importantly has provided masses of writer-fuel.

The only thing now is I feel a little bit like I have finished unwrapping my presents!"

Title image r2q2boing - Hobbyist writer

Finished No Frills