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I work with you to develop your species and their culture or cultures, and find new areas worth exploring to help with your story writing. As part of that, I write a lore bible that we can add to and update whenever you wish.


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Species Case Study - H.E.X.

Picture of a H.E.X. in neutral, blob form, beside one taking the role of a humanoid.The H.E.X. is one of several species belonging to J. E. Flint.

Flint asked for a species questionnaire, which I sent her via Google Docs. She completed it, returned it, and commissioned me to begin work.

I began working on a Lore Bible for the H.E.X. and wrote as much detail as I could. I had several questions about various aspects of their biology, culture, and history, so I made a note of my questions in the document in bright blue, and in [square brackets] so that Flint could find them easily.

Flint wrote her answers to my questions in red and told me when she'd finished. I counted the new words, billed Flint accordingly, and once she'd paid, added to the Lore Bible as much as I could. Some of her answers raised new questions so I wrote them down in blue, in square brackets again. Some of our existing question-answer portions needed further discussion, so I left the conversation threads intact to help us both keep track of context and progress. When I was done, I told Flint that her Lore Bible was ready for her to inspect again. She did so the next time she had time to spare.

We continued to do this for three or four turns until the H.E.X. were as complete as Flint wanted them to be. Then I went through the Lore Bible, tidied up the writing, and presented the finished profile to Flint. She OKd the final draft and uploaded it to the species lore page of her web site.