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Worldbuilding Lore Bibles

Worldbuilding lore bibles can work two ways:
1. If you develop a number of species and cultures, I can write a worldbuilding lore bible to summarise your world.
2. Alternatively we can start by making a worldbuilding lore bible for your overall world, and then start making separate species / culture lore bibles when it gets too long.


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Worldbuilding Case Study - Nordhaven

Part of the map for Nordhaven.Nordhaven is a continent on a fictional planet called Edenya, all of which is owned by ShardaronTheDragon.

He asked for a worldbuilding questionnaire as a word-processing document so I emailed him one. Just like Flint in the species case study above, he filled in as much of it as he could, emailed it back to me, and commissioned me to check through his worldbuilding. I created a Lore Bible for Nordhaven and wrote up as much of its lore as I could. Any questions I had - and I had a few dozen - I wrote in bright blue, in square brackets so he could easily find them either by scrolling or by using the search function for the [ bracket, and then emailed the file to him.

When he had some free time he looked at the Lore Bible and wrote his answers under my blue questions, in red so that I could see which pieces of text were from him. Then he returned it to me. I counted up his new words and invoiced him to work on them. When he paid, I resumed work.

At the time of writing, the Lore Bible is still in production.

Worlds are often affected by the species that live on them (e.g., landmarks and cities, are built, areas are rendered uninhabitable, political borders are established), and Nordhaven is no exception. The history, politics, culture, and economy sections became so detail-heavy that I suggested we start a set of species Lore Bibles where we could move most of this detail. This allowed us more space to explore Shardaron's four main species. We are at an early stage of doing this.