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When you place an order at TCC you get an analysis which usually results in a written profile, but sometimes a piece of artwork helps to improve the finished work. If that happens then you're welcome to invite me to use a piece of art you already possess, or commmission an artist you like for just the right art for your project.


Alternatively if you don't know any artists, want to try someone new, or want an artist with a specific skill, you can use our Artist Find service. With an Artist Find, you get a spreadsheet containing the details of a number of artists to choose from, who suit your specifications.

Popular artwork requests include:

Interested? Email me at letting me know the budget you're able to work with, what you would like your artist to draw, and your preferred style (e.g., cartoony, painterly, or 3D).

Are You An Artist?

If you're an artist and would like to be recommended to my clients, contact me on the Artist Affiliation page.