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Things To Consider Before Commissioning Me

  1. I offer a worldbuilding service. That means it's my job to look for any gaps or inconsistencies in your work and point them out to you. Please be prepared for this. Furthermore, I do not usually offer solutions to worldbulding gaps or snarls at first. This is to allow you to drive the development of your work in accordance with your creative vision, and to avoid depriving you of the pleasure of worldbuilding for yourself. If you really seem stuck, then I'll offer suggestions, but I will aim to avoid hijacking your project.

    Please consider whether worldbuilding is what you actually want to do. If questions such as "where does this species get their food from?", "what plants exist on this world?", or "how did society recover after the latest war ended?" bore you, then I recommend you present your creative project to a writer instead of commissioning me, and have them write your fantasy as it is.

  2. I also offer a psychological realism service. That means that I explore the impact of the events that happen to your character/s. I strongly suggest you bring any variations of "this person/species wouldn't get traumatised by this situation" to my attention before commissioning me, as this is often, though not always, used in works that fetishise abuse (see point 5), which often requires ignoring psychological realism.

  3. My services are unusual, so I highly recommend that you read my Terms of Service prior to commissioning me.

  4. I can work with projects that contain pornographic or fetish elements, however I strongly recommend you bring any pornographic content or fetish themes in your project to my attention prior to requesting a commission.

  5. I decline commissions that treat trauma or abuse in the following ways:

    It is your responsibility to inform me if trauma or abuse occurs in your project, as I do not review projects prior to accepting payment for commissions due to time constraints. If you neglect to inform me before you pay for your commission and it turns out that the trauma and abuse are not treated with due sensitivity, then once I spot it I will terminate your commission. I do not offer refunds under these circumstances.

    Potentially contentious topics include* :

    • abandonment of children or other vulnerable people or animals
    • abusive parents
    • cannibalism
    • child conscription
    • coercion
    • concentration camps
    • disability
    • dissociation (numbing of emotions)
    • drug abuse
    • dubious consent
    • ethnic cleansing
    • execution
    • genocide
    • gore
    • hentai
    • infantilization
    • mental illness
    • mind rape
    • murder
    • named real-life political groups, e.g. the Nazis
    • non-con/nonconsensual sexual activity
    • paedophilia/pedophilia or ephebophilia
    • political oppression
    • psychosis
    • racism
    • rape
    • sexual assault
    • slavery
    • suicide or suicidal thoughts
    • terrorism
    • torture
    • violence
    • waifu

      *This is not an exhaustive list
  6. I particularly do not wish to work on projects where womens' subjugation is treated as entertainment/fetish material, or where they are infantilized. If your work contains this, do not commission me. This is the most common form of abuse that shows up in commissions, hence it gets a special mention here. If you commission me and this subject matter arises after payment, I will terminate your commission and will not offer a refund.

  7. If, once we have started work, you find that you're not as keen to work on your worldbuilding as you thought you were, you are welcome to ask me to switch from collaborative worldbuilding to ghost-writing. This is a popular service for developing ecosystems (as most people don't want to develop plants, non-apex predators, etc.), but you are welcome to ask me to ghost-write any part of your worldbuilding.

Please quote "Potassium" if you have read this document.