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What If You're Not A Social Media Wizard?

Part 1: The Big 50

The creative world is full of people with ideas that they’re dying to share. That’s great, but not all of those people enjoy using social media so they find it really difficult to get their ideas out there and seen by an audience who will enjoy them.

That’s why I wrote this series. If you’d like to get the word out about your works but aren’t naturally talented at it, then this series is for you!

Before we go on I’ll let you into a secret: I’m not a fan of social media, either. I can scroll, read, and lurk for ages, but it’s just not naturally ‘me’ to actively participate, so I’m in the same boat as you.

What Do You Want To Share?

I’ve made a list of 50 social media platforms and broken them down in terms of what you can do with them. I’ll be looking at platforms that allow:

The Big 50

Here is the list, along with links to each site! I don’t recommend that you try regularly uploading to them all – uploading is time-consuming and can be emotionally exhausting. Instead, try checking them out, upload to a few, and then narrow them down to the ones you enjoy using.

Or even better, check out the later parts of this series and use those to decide what will work best for you.

  1. Acuity Scheduling
  2. Adult
  3. Amazon
  4. Artfight
  5. Artstation
  6. Black Dahlia Roleplay
  7. Buzzly (May be about to close. Try Inkblot instead)
  8. Dealer’s Den
  9. DeviantArt
  10. Discord
  11. eBay
  12. Elliquiy
  13. Etsy
  14. Facebook
  17. Friends, Family, or previous clients (e.g., Incorrigible Author for me)
  18. Furaffinity
  19. Furry Network
  20. Instagram
  21. Ko-fi
  22. LinkedIn
  23. Lulu
  24. Mailchimp
  25. Medium
  26. NaNoWriMo
  27. Paperdemon
  28. Patreon
  29. Picarto
  30. Pinterest
  31. Quora
  32. Reddit
  33. Skype
  34. SoFurry
  35. Stack Exchange
  36. Telegram
  37. Toughnickel
  39. Transfur
  40. Tumblr
  41. TwitchTV
  42. Twitter
  43. Wattpad
  44. Weasyl
  45. WikiFur
  46. Wordpress
  47. WorldAnvil
  48. Writing Cooperative
  49. Your own website
  50. YouTube

Read part 2: Got Knowledge To Share?


Title image by Nikolay Ivanov from Pexels and used with their kind permission.