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What is "Asynch"?


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"Asynch" is short for "asynchronous", meaning not happening at the same time. It's one of two ways I can work with you. With asynch, we each work on your project in our own time. This has a few benefits:

To do asynch work with me, please request and complete a species or worldbuilding questionnaire, and then send it to me. Please also be sure to read my Terms of Service. My services are unusual so knowing how it all works is helpful.

Species Case Study - Noblima

My logo, in lieu of a picture of the noblima.The noblima species belongs to shieldwolf. He came to me for help establishing how the noblima work, as he required feedback to help decide on a few design points. That became the basis for our work.

As of April 2022 the noblima are still in production. If you click on the above link you'll see that the noblimas' Lore Bible is full of black writing (which is the information we've established together), blue writing (my questions and comments), red writing (shield's answers), and occasionally, bold blue writing (my answers to his answers).

We'll carry on developing them together until shield feels confident that he has enough established information about them to write stories about them, commission art of them, or whatever else he chooses to do with them. He also has an Artist Find order waiting, so that when he knows the noblima well enough he can commission some art of them, which will allow us to make an attractive disc for them instead of using my logo.