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A Writer’s Friendly, Neighbourhood Editor – Perfecting Your Manuscripts Line by Line

Guest post by Stand Corrected Editing.

Stand Corrected Editing provides affordable editorial services for writers who hope to land a book deal or self-publish.

Want to increase your chances of attracting a literary agent, gain a wide readership, and earn a living from your book sales? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At Stand Corrected Editing, I offer a range of packages to suit different needs and requirements.

Line Editing, Copy Editing and Proofreading

Although some writers skip the professional editing process, I believe that all writers should invest in professional editing if they can afford it. On the one hand, if you seek representation from an agency, you need to have a highly polished manuscript to stand a chance, and on the other hand, to be taken seriously as an independent author, everything needs to be squeaky clean; otherwise, consumers won’t become loyal readers who look forward to your next book.

If you opt for professional line editing, copy editing or proofreading, you will receive a thorough edit with the use of the Tracking Tool on Microsoft Word and multiple comments and suggestions on the side. You will receive a detailed editorial report, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, plus advice on how to improve.

Manuscript Evaluation

As well as a professional editing service that focuses on the author’s language and writing style, I also offer developmental advice for writers who need assistance with their plot, characterisation and structure. However, instead of adding short suggestions to your manuscript, I provide an editorial report to give each client a sufficient amount of information. No report is the same length as it all depends on the strength of the manuscript I am evaluating. Some reports may only be a few thousand words, while others may top at about 10,000. Either way, clients will receive constructive feedback on the good parts, and the elements that need to be improved.

Agent Submission Bundle Review

Many writers are likely to query a list of literary agents at some point, only to receive empty rejections that don’t provide any information on what needs to be improved. Although agencies are often too busy to give each writer individual feedback, it leaves countless writers with no direction.

Due to numerous writers being left in the dark, I offer an Agent Submission Bundle Review specifically for those about to query agents and those who have faced unhelpful rejections. This package allows writers to treat Stand Corrected Editing like their dream literary agent by sending in their query letter, synopsis, and first three chapters. However, unlike the rejections they may have received in the past, they will receive professional feedback on what works and what they may need to alter to attract an agent.

Novel Opening Assessment

When I launched Stand Corrected Editing in that cosy autumn of 2019, the Novel Opening Assessment wasn’t part of the plan. However, a few months later, I was approached by a lovely lady who wanted feedback on the first 25,000 words of her manuscript, and it occurred to me that many other writers may be searching for the same service. As a result, writers can send in the beginning of their novel to discover if they are on the right track, and how to strengthen their work before they continue.

Beta Reading

Although beta reading is common among ordinary readers and writers, advice from a professional in the field can be just as valuable. Like the Manuscript Evaluation, I provide helpful feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the novel, but the report is much shorter and a little cheaper; perfect for those on a tighter budget!

Free Consultation

Everyone loves a freebie, so I offer clients a free consultation before they spend a penny. This free service allows writers to learn what package would be best for their manuscript in order to progress forward.

Free Marketing for Indie Clients

At many literary consultancies, the client pays for whatever service they have chosen, the editor completes the job, and the client goes on their merry way. While this works for some writers, others who want to self-publish may need an extra boost. For this reason, Stand Corrected Editing offers free marketing for indie clients to help make their lives easier. This offer involves advertising their book on the website and promoting their work in the monthly newsletter and on social media.

Online Copy-Editing Course

While launching Stand Corrected Editing, I discovered that not every writer will hire an editor, perhaps due to costs, fear of critique, or desire for ultimate independence. With these potential reasons in mind, I created an affordable copy-editing course just for them!

The course has six modules (new lines & scene breaks; show vs tell; grammar; punctuation; consistency and clarity) that will teach them various tips and techniques used by professional editors, which will give them the tools they need to make their manuscript shine. You can find a detailed course outline on my website if you would like further information!

Final Words

So, there we have it – Stand Corrected Editing wrapped up in a nutshell. It saddens me that there is a negative stigma attached to editors, perhaps due to high costs and insensitivity with their comments, but I really do adore my job, and I love helping a nervous writer flourish into a published author!


Title image courtesy of Stand Corrected Editing.