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Part 5: Including NSFW Material

My rules about inclusion of adult material are somewhat hazy, by necessity. This is because depictions of sexuality can be either pornographic or non-pornographic in nature. Pornography is not an accurate representation of sex, in the same way as romantic comedies aren’t an accurate depiction of romantic relationships. Pornography can quickly become difficult to work with in my line of work due to it being psychologically unrealistic, while sexuality is not, as it's just a way for people to express themselves and interact with each other. If in doubt, tell me what NSFW material you want to include in your project and we can discuss whether TCC offers the right services for you.

This is one area in which Larry and I had difficulties, as his desire to include a fetish element to his story was combined with lack of communication, and the fetish element only became clear after we had started working together.

Adam also had difficulties with this, but for different reasons. The dilemma of allowing pornographic material made his goal of making his project inclusive to everybody difficult to meet. On the one hand, he wanted his project to be entirely SFW because he didn’t want pornographic posts or art to discourage roleplayers who didn’t want to see it. The password for this section is verdant. On the other, he didn’t want to alienate people who wanted to express their sexuality in his roleplay setting.

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