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GDPR / Data Protection

We record the following data into our database:

Preferred name – so we know what to call you.

Email address - so that we can reach you if need be.

Source – legitimate interest (so we can work out what’s working)

Furaffinity/Twitter/Deviantart/Patreon/Discord username – So we know who you are on Furaffinity, and know whether you’re the same person on a different format (some people use different names on different formats. This allows us to avoid contacting you twice about the same thing). Patreon holds data about the level at which you have pledged to us separately. We may use this to discuss your pledge level to ensure you receive rewards, or to offer alternative pledge levels that may be more suitable

Questionnaire/s sent – Tells us if we’ve sent you a questionnaire, and which one/s

Seen blog – Tells us whether we’ve introduced our blog to you (legitimate interest; we find that people are more interested if we point out specific blog posts relevant to your interests. We establish your interests during conversations with you.)

Declared expertise – Tells us whether you’re an artist, writer, comic writer, varied, Watcher, or serial commissioner. This helps us understand how we can best work with you.

Sales qualified? - This helps us confirm whether you are likely to be in a position to buy from us. We establish this by discussing your capacity to commission us. (legitimate interest)

Project title – Some people have art projects. If you do, and choose to share it with us, this is the title of your project, for our reference. We use this in tandem with Project Description so that we know how we can best serve you.

Project Description – A brief description, including format, of your project. We record this so we know how best to serve you.

Vert – Purely Talkative – The first of a set of ‘verticals’ (types of audience member for TCC). This one means you appear to lack the means or will to commission us but are interested in interacting with TCC. This often means people who are not yet of employment age but are highly creative. We use this data to clarify who to refer to our free ‘talking’ platforms, such as our Discord server.

Vert – Bored Worker? - Most of our clients are in employment and seeking escapism from a dull routine. We use this data to clarify who is more likely to commission us (legitimate interest)

Vert – Adult Living at Home? - We tend to find differences in the style and quantity of commissions ordered by adults who are still living at home, plus the amount of aftercare needed. We use this data to know how best to serve you (legitimate interest).

Vert – Business – We work directly with clients but also business to business. This vertical helps us clarify whether you’re on the platforms we have on record as a business, so how best to interact with you (legitimate interest).

Vert – DO NOT CONTACT – We use this vertical to keep note of individuals who have asked not to be contacted by us again, or for individuals who have behaved in a harrassing manner, either towards ourselves, our contacts, or publicly towards other people.

Aware – We use this to establish whether you have acknowledged that TCC exists. (legitimate interest)

Interested – We use this to establish whether you have declared that you are interested in any of the services TCC has to offer. (legitimate interest)

Have They Evaluated Us? - We add a ‘yes’ here when we have established whether you have considered buying from us. (legitimate interest)

Ready to Buy? - We add a ‘yes’ to this when we know you are both interested in commissioning us and likely to buy, so we know to keep in touch with you (legitimate interest)

Existing Client? - This clarifies whether you have commissioned us before.

Shown Finished Work? - When a commission is complete we contact the client, plus anybody associated with the work (such as artists) to show them the finished work. This is to indicate when we have done so (legitimate interest)

Linked on Their Profile Page? - A link to our web site or profile page on the relevant platform is a source of referrals for us. We record whether you have done so (legitimate interest)

Notes – We note prior commissions plus any other information that helps us to better serve you (legitimate interest).

We need to identify, and get permission for, every usage of a person's data. Include a tick-box that IS NOT PRE-TICKED for each of the above details.

Your data controller is:

Hayley Watkins