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Hi, my name's Hayley and I'm the main consultant at The Character Consultancy. Between us, my team and I can work with you to:

I use Google Docs to take notes as we talk. You will have access to these and can adjust or add to them.

I offer consultation time via Discord or in person (currently Bristol, UK only). Say hi to me on Discord at The Character Consultancy#2701.

Want to discuss working together on a big project? Tell me the following:

What is your name?

Email address

Name of your project

Description of your project

Your goal (or goals) for your project

Your budget for your project

Date you would like to start your project

How did you find us?

Alternatively, would you rather book a one-off session with me? Book yourself in for a consultation here:

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Please note that I am based in the UK so you may need to alter the time zone. I have already blocked out my night times and any other times that I am unavailable for the coming week, so the times visible on the calendar are times I'm available.

How I Work

If you would like us to work together for a sustained period of time, I offer the following:

Stage 1
We have a free discussion session to establish your goals (e.g., 'create a separate profile for each continent of my setting', or 'provide support to create a roleplay setting, complete with an actively-participating community.') This will include establishing specific outcomes so that we will know when the project is complete (e.g., each profile is at least 3,000 words long and has been uploaded; you have $100 pledged to your Patreon account; you have ten active members posting every day).

We will also look at your current social media presence together as part of this discussion, so that I can get to know your audience and marketing strategy. All of this information will help me to know how best to help you achieve your goals.

After this, I will provide you with a proposal document.

Stage 2
I break your project down into manageable parts, which I will discuss with you to ensure you are aware of, and happy with, my proposal.

I will create documents in Google Docs to capture the main points of our consultation sessions, and wherever possible provide you with tasks that you can do outside of our consultation sessions to further your achievement of your goals (e.g., establish your top 10 clients in a simple table that you can update regularly to better understand your target audience; compile to-do lists; include helpful links for you to look at).

Stage 3
I will send you a feedback form one month after our initial booking to give you a chance to tell me how you're finding our performance on the project. I'll send another after three months, and at six months. After that I will send these to you at three-month intervals.

What We Contribute
By hiring a consultant from The Character Consultancy, we understand that you want us to use our expertise to achieve one or more goals associated with your creative projects. We will use our knowledge and resources to help you achieve those goals.

Please note that we do not take ultimate responsibility for whether your project succeeds. While we will deliver upon the actions stated in our proposal to you, you bear ultimate responsibility for the success of your own project.


Standard sessions cost from £ per hour, however I currently offer a discount deal for those who want it.

Project Planning sessions are free, and I offer one for each project.

Ground Rules

We want to ensure that your project is completed as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, we have a few ground rules:

Please allocate one person only to give feedback
Receiving feedback from multiple people makes a project difficult to manage. Please allocate one person as the spokesperson of the group and have them gather, and deliver, feedback to us.

Provide feedback to new content within two days
Many projects include the preparation of material to be uploaded. This takes time to prepare. Please provide feedback within two days to ensure that any adjustments can be made before this preparation is done.

Provide feedback as a single, coherent message
Some clients like to voice their thoughts about their project as and when they think of them, in between consultations. Thinking about your project is natural and can be a helpful part of the creative process. Please undestand however that when I'm not working on your project, I'm probably concentrating on somebody else's and cannot quickly switch to concentrating on your project. Therefore, please compile your thoughts in your project's Google Document or in a journal, so that you are clear about what I need to know before providing it to me.

Trust our process
Our clients hire us for our expertise, and to achieve this we use tried-and-trusted processes. Therefore, while we are open to feedback, we ask you not to challenge us on our procedures during consultations. We know what works, and review these processes internally; our portfolio provides evidence of the results you can expect from working with us. If you believe that a process doesn't work for you, please provide this in feedback after the consultation.