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What is a No Frills?

A No Frills is a written character profile.

The process works like this: I ask you to complete a character questionnaire on behalf of your character (request one here), and send it back to me once you're done. Then I write as much of your character's backstory as I can, including any questions and thoughts I have that will help us both get more insight into your character.

I take a 'social worker' style approach by paying attention to details like your character's parents, the culture your character grew up in, relationships with any siblings, and anything else I believe is relevant to their development. No Frills commissions can take around 4 months to complete, take an average of 9 drafts to be complete, and usually end up around 6,500 words long.

If you would like to see a No Frills commission from start to finish, this blog post captures one.