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Welcome to my gallery of character profiles. You'll find the written ones (called No Frills), Infographics (No Frills upgraded into infographics), and Narrated Videos (No Frills upgraded to be narrated and made into Youtube videos).

No Frills

A No Frills is a written backstory and psychological analysis of your story character. I use my psychotherapeutic training to help clarify your character's backstory and explore their personality with you. You take an active role in this so that we can both be confident that the end result is right.

Click each circle to see their profiles.

Story Characters

Characters who appear in stories.

Video Game Characters

These are characters who have appeared in commercial games of various kinds.

RPG Characters

Characters created by people who like to play D&D, Pathfinders, Warhammer, or other RPGs.

Note: These characters are not free to use, unless otherwise stated. This gallery is for portfolio purposes only. Names and links are given at the end of each profile so if you want to discuss roleplaying with anyone in this section, you should contact them.

Original Characters

These characters were created with the character themselves as an end goal. Most are not part of a larger story and were made purely for fun.


An infographic is a No Frills made into an image. Do you like what you see? I ask any artists who have drawn your character if they are happy for me to use the art in your infographic, to enhance the end result, and if you don't have any art, I can introduce you to a range of trusted artists.

Click on the below stubs to see the full infographics.

Narrated Videos

An narrated video is a No Frills that I narrate, put to music, and make into a video enhanced with images of your character, species, or worldbuilding scenario.

Want to take a look? Click on the below thumbnails! All links open into Youtube.