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Hello and welcome to The Character Consultancy!

Rahst Blacksun analysis iconI write psychological character profiles that explore the backstory and personality of your character, and the history and culture of your fictional species or worldbuilding scenario, in detail.

I do that by sending you a questionnaire that you complete and return to me. I write a profile based on what you've told me and ask you further questions as needed.

Alternatively, consultations are a popular way to work in real-time. Check my availability on my calendar and book yourself in!

Picture of a H.E.X. in neutral form next to one in humanoid formOrdering from TCC is a co-creative process: you play an active role by giving feedback throughout, to make sure my analysis is right. TCC profiles are fun to make an helpful for sci-fi and fantasy writers who enjoy worldbuilding, and for comic writers, budding RPG gamesmasters, and roleplayers.

If you would like to discuss your project with me, email me or send me a message via Discord, at thecharacterconsultancy.