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The Salmorphis Project

The Salmorphis Project a sci-fa setting. It centers around a fictional planet named Veon and the species that live there. The primary one of these is the Salmotis, a race of shape-shifters, plus the humans who have found their way to Veon.

The worldbuilding in this project is softer than some of the others I work with at The Character Consultancy. Imagination and fantasy take a front seat here, so relax and enjoy the beauty of this world!

The Salmorphis Project is led and owned by Atlas Von Erich. It is currently available as a roleplay setting, and in time merchandise will also be available.

You can currently find The Salmorphis Project on Discord and on Patreon.



Veon is a planet, and the Salmotis' home. It's also the setting for most of The Salmorphis Project.

This planet is home to 12 kingdoms. Some are currently in development by fans of the project, but some are open for new fans to 'adopt' and develop themselves. See The Salmorphis Project's Patreon tiers to check availability and price.

Current Kingdoms


Playable Species


The Salmotis is the dominant species of Veon and can shape into a wide variety of forms. If you would like one, speak with Atlas or one of the Discord mods.

Notable Characters