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Get to know your character. Develop your world.

Character No Frills of a superhero character's backstory and psychological profile.Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

I write psychological character and worldbuilding profiles that explore your character and worldbuilding setting in unique detail, to help you understand them better so that you can write them more easily. Click the images to see examples of what I do.

These profiles are great for story, game, and comic writers, roleplayers, RPG players, game developers, authors with an eye on worldbuilding, and stage performers.

Yes, I work on species creation as well!You and I work together to get to know your character or world. You play an active role by giving feedback throughout. As we uncover new details together, I write them into a profile that you can keep and use for reference or to promote your creations. Worldbuilding settings in particular can get very big so I offer a supportive space for you to share your thoughts, along with helping you organise your material.

This service is different from using a worldbuilding template or character generator. Although those tools can be helpful I offer support, encouragement, and feedback to help you discover more about your world and to give you fresh and new ideas about how to build it further.

Not sure where to go from here? Try the No Frills page. Everything I make starts as a No Frills. If you want to take things a step further and have your written profile made into an attractive infographic or a narrated video then we can do that!

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