The Character Consultancy

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I offer 1:1 time that can be taken either via text channel in my Discord server or in person (currently Bristol, UK only).

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The benefits to you are:

  • Support with managing and organising your setting (some can get very big!)
  • Exploring your characters
  • Getting you started with No Frills commissions
  • Feedback to help balance over, or under focused-on aspects of your setting
  • Help with overall worldbuilding development, including with fuelling your creativity
  • Guidance on your writing

If required I can use Google Docs to keep notes or add to a world's detail as we talk. You can see these and adjust or add to them in real-time.

Example Transcripts

  • SCP, whose character is a particularly strange AI so required a closer look at to help get SCP started on their No Frills
  • Kiroku, who asked for help identifying information about his character unrelated to their speech impediment
  • Doubtful-Tea's 2-part consultation broken into Part 1 and Part 2, about developing their murder mystery story, Glee Shores
  • Mirath, who had writer's block and asked for help organising his thoughts enough to continue with his projects
  • Furry_X, who arranged to work on their character's worldbuilding setting to help them to visualise and write it

Want to check the quality of my prose and story-planning? Check out my interactive story, The Four Flamingos of the Apocalypse.


Standard sessions cost £ per hour, however I currently offer a discount deal for those who want it.

Please note that I am based in the UK so you may need to alter the time zone. I have already blocked out my night times and any other times that I am unavailable for the coming week, so the times visible on the calendar are times I'm available.