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Welcome to The Character Consultancy!

I make psychological character and worldbuilding profiles that explore the personality of your characters and the details of your world in unique detail, to help you understand your creations more thoroughly and be able to write them more easily. I use my therapeutic training to "join the psychological dots" and write up an analysis of your character.

These analyses are great for story/game/comic writers (both hobby and professional), roleplayers, RPG players, game developers, worldbuilders, and stage performers.

I don't add anything new unless you invite me to. Instead I work with you to get to know your character or world, and we uncover the new details together. You play an active role by giving feedback throughout, to make sure the analysis is right. Worldbuilding in particular can be very daunting so I offer a supportive space for you to share your thoughts, along with helping you organise your material.

The most popular product I make is the Character No Frills, the written analysis with nothing else added. Why not read more about them and take a look at my Character No Frills gallery for examples?

A lot of people find the questionnaire helpful by itself. Why not request one? It's free!

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