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Ghostwriting For Your Project

Sometimes I work with a client who wants a world that's rich with fantastical background details but lacks the patience or skill to make it themselves. This is where ghostwriting can come in handy!

With the ghostwriting service I can write a lore bible for you to develop your world’s landscapes, maps, ecosystem, culture, along with other details such as populating your magic system with spells.

If you’re interested, please read the following case study to see what this service costs, and what you get for your money.

Case Study: Anon's Short Story

PROJECT: 10-chapter story involving animal characters
GENRE: Fantasy/romance

Anon’s world is an Earth-like planet (though not Earth itself) with its own ecosystem and a magic system. He came to me for help with developing his magic system so that it utilised magical plants, crystals, and potions, and so that he could identify which species would have particular skill which specific spells.


Fantasy worlds, even incomplete ones like this one, can come with a lot of detail, and Anon's was no exception, so I broke our assessment phase down into two sessions to allow myself time to digest all of the information Anon gave me, to clear up my understanding about his world with him, and to get answers to a few questions that I had.

Session 1

We discussed Anon’s world so that Anon could explain his requirements to me, and so that I knew what I was working with. I wrote down a description of his world as I understood it, to check my initial understanding with him.

DURATION: 90 minutes

Session 2

I reviewed this project, added my first thoughts and suggestions of worldbuilding details that Anon's world might benefit from, prepared and sent a few further questions, and finalised my notes based on his replies so I fully understood his project.

DURATION: 45 minutes

Our initial notes were messy, so after further organising it, I split it into an Overall progress sheet and a Magic progress sheet.

Ecosystem Development

Anon had established that his world was not Earth so it wouldn't have 'our' animals, e.g., wolves, bats, whales, etc. The same went for plants, fungi, and invertebrates.

Therefore, in order to know what plants the people of his world would use in potions, I needed to make unique plants. Since he would also be writing about the animals that existed in that world, he needed to know what animals would exist there. The fact that plants generally evolve in tandem with the animals, fungi, and invertebrates that they share their environment with meant that I needed to know what other organisms the plants would be living with.

I started this ecosystem development stage with an overall development of Anon's animal Kingdom (that is, the taxonomic Kingdom, not a political kingdom), then followed up by developing his plant Kingdom. Later I would work on his fungi and invertebrate Kingdoms. As he was keen for his magic system to be populated with more detail I would begin work on his magic system after establishing enough of his plant Kingdom for me to work with.

Animal Orders

I designed a basic framework for Anon’s animal Kingdom until he had his own unique set of:

Each Class has a general description that Anon can use later to get accurate artwork, while each Order has a one or two-line description that I will add to later.

DURATION: 5 hours

Progress sheet

Plant Orders

I am currently designing a basic framework for Anon’s plant Kingdom to provide him with the same level of detail as for the animal Kingdom.

DURATION: 7 hours

Progress sheet (to be updated; plant work incomplete)


I currently ghostwrite for £20 per hour, so the above work breaks down as follows:

RUNNING TOTAL: £265 (approx. $360USD)

I will update this page as I do more work for Anon. Check back soon to see how his ecosystem and magic system are coming along!